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Operational Perspective
Partnership Focus
Long-Term View

Chicago Capital Partners invests in solid, lower middle-market businesses with strong teams. We partner with owners and management teams to create long-term value together.


Chicago Capital Partners is a private equity firm which primarily makes control investments in lower middle-market companies with $2-10 million of EBITDA in the following industries:  business services, consumer products, distribution, food and beverage, and niche manufacturing.  Our fund structure and investment mindset promote building business partnerships and creating value over the long-term.

We value the relationships and trust formed with the leaders of the businesses in which we invest, are comfortable with a longer hold period, and collaboratively make decisions for the long-term success of each business.

Why Partner with CCP

Operational Perspective

Managed by founders and operators, our team understands small and family business dynamics

  • Decades of private equity, operational, and family business experience

  • Helped businesses through phases of growth and ownership transition

  • Understand the nuances and dynamics inherent in smaller and family-run businesses

Partnership Focused

We partner with strong management teams, provide advisory support, and problem-solve collaboratively

  • We value relationships

  • We want management teams to continue running the day-to-day operations of their business

  • Alignment of interests

  • Collaborative decision-making

  • Preserve company's culture

  • Open and transparent communication

Long-Term View

Our investors include entrepreneurs and small business owners who understand the long-term approach to creating value

  • Investor base allows for patient capital

  • Operators' perspective enables us to focus on what's best for the business

Investment criteria

Our investment criteria are built around our team’s broad experiences and expertise and reflect our values and approach to investing.


Business Basics

Attractive Business Fundamentals

Transaction Attributes

Industry Focus

  • $2-10 million of EBITDA

  • Understandable business with a reason to be

  • U.S. -based

  • Seller seeking partner for growth

  • Strong margins and sustainable growth

  • Stable, sustainable cash flow

  • Business resiliency

  • Credible value creation avenues

  • Typically, majority investments

  • Modest leverage

  • Post-closing seller/management ownership stake preferred

  • Business Services

  • Consumer Products

  • Distribution

  • Food and Beverage

  • Niche Manufacturing


Unlike traditional Private Equity firms, our team is composed of founders, former entrepreneurs, operators, and family business owners, who know building a great business takes resilience and time.

Chicago Capital Partners was established by, and later spun out of, Kovitz Investment Group Partners, LLC, a registered investment adviser managing over $6 billion in assets for high net worth individual and institutional investors.  




1770 First Street, Suite 200A

Highland Park, IL 60035

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