CES Optical, LLC

CES Optical, LLC (CES) is a designer/wholesaler under the following brand names: OGI, Seraphin, Scojo New York, Innotec, Red Rose, and Bon Vivant.

CES began operations in 2002 as a roll-up of eight retail eyewear stores sponsored by an affiliate of Kovitz Investment Group. CES expanded into wholesale eyewear in 2005 with the acquisition of OGI, and then further expanded into wholesale reading eyewear with the acquisition of Scojo New York in 2007.

CES recapitalized itself in 2011 with a sale to Chicago Capital Partners. Since 2011 CES has spun off its retail division ("Spex"), and continues the expansion of its wholesale business through the addition of new eyewear brands and the acquisition of other opportunities that can utilize the company’s distribution channels.

LAE Acquisition, LLC

LAE Acquisition, LLC (L.A. Eyeworks) was formed to acquire the assets of L.A. Eyeworks in September, 2016.  A leader in eyewear design, L.A. Eyeworks operates in a coveted niche within the high-end optical business and has done so since its inception in 1979.  L.A. Eyeworks currently has two retail optical locations in Los Angeles, California along with a well-established wholesale business that sells its brand domestically and internationally through two distribution networks; one in the United States and one in France. 

Fletcher Group, LLC

Founded in 1987 and based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Fletcher Group, LLC (Fletcher) leases high-end digital cameras, accessories, and related equipment and services to television broadcasters, primarily for the broadcasting of live sporting events. Fletcher's slow motion and robotic cameras capture replays with angles such as the booth camera, mid-home camera (MLB), behind the backboard camera (NBA), in-net camera (NHL), and goal line camera (NFL).

Fletcher is a strategic partner in the broadcast industry, and over its 25+ year operating history has built and maintained a strong industry reputation and long-standing relationships with its vendors and customers, including television networks and sports broadcasters worldwide.

Interline Travel & Tours, Inc.

Interline Travel & Tour, Inc. (Interline) sells cruise, resort, airfare, and related travel products to a niche market within the travel industry (“Interliners”).  Interliners are the active employees and retirees of the airline industry and their families.  Interline primarily operates through three subsidiaries: (i) Perx, the U.S. operating entity based in Austin, Texas, (ii) Dargal Interline Worldwide Company, the Canadian operating entity, and (iii) Travelbrands Ltd., the U.K. operating entity. 

CBC Specialty Beverage-Nevada, LLC

CBC Specialty Beverage Nevada ("CBC West") is the premier provider of premium non-alcoholic beverages to restaurants, hotels, and other institutions primarily in the western half of North America. CBC West carries a diverse selection of premium coffee, tea and related products including Intelligentsia, Lavazza, LaColombe, China Mist, Mighty Leaf, and Monin. In addition to product consultation and distribution, CBC West also specializes in specialty beverage equipment, as well as related service & repair.

CBC West was formerly a division of Chicagoland Beverage Co. ("CBC Chicago"), a master distributor of premium coffee & tea, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Park 88 Group, LLC

Park 88 Group, LLC (Park 88) owns the development rights in the Park 88 industrial park located in DeKalb, Illinois.  Chicago Capital Partners partnered with Park 88's primary developer, Venture One Real Estate, LLC.  Park 88 is a 565 acre industrial park that is currently home to distribution facilities for two Fortune 500 companies and seeks to expand its tenant roster to other users in need of large facilities on a site that can be quickly built upon.  Park 88 is centrally located along Interstate 88, near several other interstate highways, as well as railroads.  It also offers potential tenants the ability to tap into the workforce of DeKalb, Illinois (which houses Northern Illinois University) and neighboring communities, all while being outside the congestion of industrial parks closer to downtown Chicago. 



PLCS, LLC (PLCS) is a Mount Laurel, New Jersey based manufacturer and distributor of proprietary systems for sealing leaks, in primarily cast-iron, natural gas pipelines throughout North America.  Founded in 1980, PLCS has accumulated and maintained long-term relationships with significant customers and vendors and, over its 35+ years in operation, has earned a strong reputation in the industry for its customer service, reliability and performance.  PLCS was created via the carve out from a public company based in the United Kingdom. 

PLCS revenue is primarily derived from equipment and products used in the sealing of leaking cast-iron natural gas distribution pipelines which are made with the idea of maximizing safety for the employees of the contractors and utility companies utilizing the PLCS equipment/products while minimizing natural gas service disruptions.  The main products and equipment sold include encapsulation kits, tapping equipment, gas bags, safe-t-stoppers, anaerobic sealant, and coil pipe trailers. 

Running Away Enterprises, LLC

Running Away Enterprises, LLC started as a retail business in 2001 (“Running Away Multisport”) and has transformed into a business operating three segments:  RAM Racing, RAM Productions, and Enmotive (referred to collectively as RAE).  RAE successfully exited the retail business.  RAM Racing operates the national race series Hot Chocolate 15/5K, with nearly 200,000 participants.  It also operates a local series of races with various themes that totals approximately 40,000 racers.  RAM Productions provides a turnkey offering to assist race owners in operating their races.  Given the vast scale, experience, and reputation at RAM Racing, the company is capitalizing on this high-quality infrastructure by offering third-party race owners to outsource the production of their races to RAM Productions.  Enmotive is RAE’s digital registration, timing and “everything running” platform. 

The expansion of RAM Racing led to the creation of the Enmotive software, which is online race registration software that charges a processing fee for both RAM Racing races and third-party users.  The Enmotive software allows users to perform a wide variety of activities beyond registration, such as results tracking (linked to an electronic chip on the racer) and social media integration. 

Past Investments

Running Away Multisport began operations in 2001 as a retail store servicing the running community of Chicago, and based on the first store’s success a second was opened in the northern Chicago suburbs in 2010.  The retail operations of RAE were exited in 2016 as the company focused on its core racing/event management operation.

CES operated its retail division under the “Spex” brand, growing from eight original retail locations to a total of 25.  Spex provided optometric services and prescriptions through its retail locations; 24 in the Chicago area and one in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  The retail division was successfully sold in 2016 to a strategic acquirer.