Firm Profile

Chicago Capital Partners (CCP) is a diversified, private equity holding company established by Kovitz Investment Group, LLC® (KIG®) to take advantage of private equity investment opportunities. KIG has long followed the investment philosophy pioneered by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, which stresses fundamentals relating to key elements such as cash flow, competitive position, and quality of management. These fundamental considerations are important in both the private and public equity markets. Until the formation of CCP, KIG did not have an appropriate investment vehicle to pursue opportunities for investing in privately held businesses, and instead predominantly focused on publicly held companies. Taking a cue from Buffett’s leadership of Berkshire Hathaway, KIG created CCP to take advantage of private market investment opportunities in companies bearing characteristics that KIG historically sought in public markets.

CCP intends to make investments predominantly in lower middle market private companies, while offering the flexibility to invest in other opportunities identified by CCP management. Structuring CCP as a holding company with a perpetual life (rather than as a traditional private equity fund with a finite investment period) purposefully aligns the interests of CCP management and its investors, and is consistent with KIG’s approach to investing: an emphasis on capital allocation flexibility, the creation of a margin of safety through an attractive purchase price, and a focus on value creation over a long time horizon.